(the full slow low level format, after 2.5 hours it was still like 3-4% completed, very very slow, so I cancelled it). The ps4 now doesn’t register a usb device at all. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. I am trying to figure out where the problem exactly is. So just a couple hours ago i was playing BO4 that’s installed on my harddrive from Ps4 itself, now i decided to play RL that’s on my External Harddrive Seagate 2TB. If the same problem occurs, then most probably it is a hardware failure in your PS4. Any thoughts? Reinitializing my PS4 has worked and gotten the system to read my hard drive again. Not sure why, that’s weird. Hello, I have problems with a Seagate PS4 Game Drive of 1TB. The las USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned…”. It can immensely help in your situation. This issue often happens by time, even to computers. Secondly, ensure that you have the latest version of PS4 System Software Update. When it turned back on, all the games I had on my HDD were now gone, as if I’d never even downloaded them. Hi there. I’m going to try backing up my saved data, to online storage. It hasn’t been used for anything else but being in my ps4. Download EaseUS hard drive recovery software and follow these quick fixes and effective methods to effectively fix this WD error without losing any data. So, what I can suggest in this regard is that you use a USB extension cable (it’s very cheap, may cost you less than $2) and keep this cable connected to PS4 USB port, while you connect your external hard drive via this cable. The files can be viewed perfectly with both Windows & OSx. If it happens only for one game, then the game is not installed correctly, or it is causing conflicts with other apps/games. The Free version helps you save 2GB files, so verify the recovery quality of our product before purchase. Something like a USB flash drive. So what works for a brand is supposed to work for all brands. When i plug it in the light turns and the hard drive makes this beeping sound. This will save you money and efforts and it is worth to try. I tried on my Mac, got nothing. Thanks, I sent you an email of the picture of error that pops up on my ps4 on 01/14/2019, To what email have you sent it? Used tape to cover the middle two USB pins to force 3.0. Click Recover and choose another location to save the recovered data. Aside from that I don’t understand why it won’t format to extend? Please come back with your feedback in order to enrich this article with more experiences. I have … 4. Tell me first, when that message appears, you are still able to use the external HDD or not? But before judging, connect it first to a PC and see whether it gets recognized or not. This new drive has worked well for the last year or so. Then I pressed populate and now my extended storage is beeping like crazy. Or would it be safer to just safely unplug it when i am done gaming? Make sure you connect your external HDD directly to the USB port and not via a USB hub. I have a 2TB Seagate External Hard Drive, PS4 compatible, and it worked fine for a little while, now it tells me, it won’t load due to needing to be USB 3.0, which it is! Hopefully this will work now. You’re supposed to see the external hard drive there, but not fully recognized. It happened many times and every time I remove the external HDD and reattach it and the ps4 repair it, but I don’t think it is the solution. Have a great and wonderful day everyone! I already replied to you my friend. Hi. Toshiba External HDD stopped working on a friend’s PS4. You need a technician to check that for you. Most probably is that you need to initialize PS4 and install the latest update immediately afterwards, before installing any other game/app. Click the Add button. Initialize PS4 first and update to the latest PS4 system software version. Connect your external hard drive to your PC, and perform an error check and let your PC fix all errors on your device. Most probably a physical damage that can’t be repaired. WD 4TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive. I recently switched my external storage from 1 USB to the other. Probably it is good, but there was an electrical short occurred when it was connected to your PS4 that caused the whole problem. I have the screenshots but I do not know how to pass them. Please help. If your WD external hard drive or USB drive etc is having a similar problem with the light on but not detectable by your PC, don't worry. There seem to be bad sectors on the external hard drive, because, according to your description, bad sectors cause such a situation. Either your PS4 system needs to be reset to factory settings, or you need to update PS4 system software to the latest version, or your hard drive has bad sectors and needs to be fully formatted on PC. Afterwards, restore the clone file on the external HDD. please verify by the serial number if the item is still under manufacturer warranty. Your PS4 needs to reinitialize. I have over 90 games, and its barely over 40% full. And yes, I have tried both ports numerous times. If not, then.. If not, go do that and update it to the latest version before installing any game/app. Western Digital Dashboard. If not, initializing PS4 and reinstalling PS4 operating system should do the job perfectly. The sleek, portable design of the drive lets you share your games with friends. Obviously unplugging and plugging back in or resetting did not fix the problem, and the problem persisted for days. Buy today with free delivery. If it doesn’t work either, your hard drive has completely died and you must prepare for the funeral. I again plugged in the HD and attempted to format as extended storage and still get the same error message. Or how I can fix this? $87.99. We usually advise of initializing the PS4 to fix such a rare problem. 8 Best Hard Drives for Gaming WD Black HDD An Excellent PC Hard Drive Made for Serious Gamers. If you are into serious hard drives that will deliver a high-quality performance, 3.5” WD Black should be high on your list. The steps are similar to that of formatting the PS4 internal HDD. Repeat this process to turn on all USB Root Hubs in the list and reboot the PC to see if the WD external hard drive shows up on your PC. Hd to use. Thank you for the advice! *sigh* it looks like I might have to get a new one… It would be nice if I didn’t lose all of my data on the drive… I moved ALL of my stuff over when I got it… I knew these things were fickle and I didn’t even think about it. If not, the problem then is with the external hard drive. What do I do? You’re welcome. Hey, just purchased a Seagate 2T and connected it to my 1st gen PS4. Most probably it is a bad sector due to the wrongly use of the drive. If it works fine, the problem is with your WD external HDD, it most probably suffers from bad sectors and must be formatted. Lastly, is there any specific error message you get for this case? You get a data recovery software to recover all your lost data. How to Get Hard Drive Working Again. then your PS4 system needs reintialization. Recently bought a Toshiba Canivo Basics 1Tb external hard drive. The technology uses ultra-short heat pulses to change the magnetism of material in the drive, allowing for far faster drives. After successfully accomplishing this operation, you have to directly update to the latest system software. In many cases the error occurs with the USB bridge that connects the hard drive with the USB cable. In both cases this needs a technician to fix it. I don’t know if you got the last comment I made, but I’ll mention this. I have the first ps4, that was released. You only need to reinitialize PS4 and things will go fine with you. Since then I have not been able to get it to work. Is there any other way which is faster? Won’t allow me to reformat or used as extended storage. If you save the recovered files back to the same drive, the original data structures and data content would be corrupted or overwritten, which causes permanent data loss. So, any suggestions? I think this will work. Please come back if that doesn’t work for further assistance. my seagate stopped working yesterday out of the blue i plugged it into my laptop is says its working fine but on my ps4 the light doesnt come on and its making a beeping noise i tried restarting ps4 with it plugged and nothing happens i tried to look up on your article on how to format on a pc but it doesnt really show the method. On his PS4 my HDD works with both ports, his cord, my cord, and the spare cord. Now my ps4 won’t connect to the storage device. Try to change the USB cable. Play More. For gaming purpose the regular PORTABLE external hard drive is not recommended. The PS4 external hard drive is fully encrypted and the data cannot be detected by a third party system. Problem is, the ps4 won't recognize the drive now for use as a back-up, because it was formatted work as an external ps4 drive. Could you please enlighten me on what the problem is? Try to use a new USB cable, and if it didn’t work, try to use a new external HDD enclosure. Yes, unfortunately PS4 USB ports have serious issues with dealing with USB 3.0 connectivity. The console's USB ports seem fine, my USB headset and keyboard work without issue (in both ports) PS4 internal memory is fine. Also, try switching between the ports. Though, you have made a valid point here concerning spoiling the USB ports. Then most probably it’s a compatibility issue with PS4 operating system. This will surely reveal the truth about this issue. Probably you need to first download the latest version of PS4 System Software Update and install it. This happens sometimes due to some hidden errors in operating systems. When you see any storage device is read with a very huge capacity, know for sure it’s defective. I am trying to reformat my new external hard drive to my ps4 yet its saying im not meeting the requirements. 3- Re-install PS4 system software or update it to the latest version. I unplugged it for a few weeks. I have came across many comments to which you mentioned that leaving the extended hdd plugged in may lead to electric shock and deem the hdd unreadable. Usually a FULL format (not quick) is supposed to fix this issue, and I think you were only doing quick format all the time. hi, i have used a seagate hdd for about a year (2tb) and reticently it keeps disconnecting. I also have 2 “free-to-play” games downloaded directly to my PS4 (fortnite, dead by daylight) and would like to hopefully not lose them by resetting to factory settings. I am always running out of storage space on my PS4, which means I have to either delete unused apps or saved screenplay videos in order to update apps. I got a new 3.0 USB cable like instructed and I still get the error of “Device is Unsupported” for my Seagate hard drive! Hey, great and insightful forum! Most probably due to a drive’s failure. After I fix whatever the issue is how do I get my games back that I downloaded off PlayStation Network on to my hdd. Initializing PS4 and installing a clean copy of PS4 system software will usually fix this problem. What can I do cause I downloaded my games to it and if it deletes them I’m screwed cause I bought them and downloaded from ps network. When I go to “Storage” in settings, it says my HDD only has 200MB available. Please if you’ve got this problem resolved, come back and tell us your experience. By the way, before buying a new external hard drive, try to fix the current one. If it does, you’re still have a good opportunity to recover the lost data. If it doesn’t work, try to re-install the whole PS4 system software. If so, the problem then is with your PS4. for some reason I unplugged my hard drive from my Ps4 and left it unplugged for about 4 days. You may want to look at the PS4 Compatible External HDD list. Software for Mac A NEW SMART PERSONAL CONTENT APP: * Be among the first to pre-register for the FREE BETA*! 3. i need help with this plz send help as soon as you can. I have a big game in it ( RDR2) & I don’t want it to be deleted !! You can also try to connect the drive with the computer to check whether the drive is getting detected on the computer or not. I plugged it into a laptop and it worked fine. That’s in order to stop piracy. That’s when I had te brilliant idea to rebuild the database, so I did. try disconnecting it and then connecting again” now it my big problem for 24 hours please help me i confused and im nervous for my games. Replace the HDD cover and you should be good to go. This problem seems common among users. Thanks! No I turned off the ps4 while waiting your response and I contacted Sony and they told me that if it say to format I have to format. It says “usb storage device is not connected”. Got a 6Tb seagate usb3 external. Trial has data preview function but cannot save any files, while the Free version enables to recover 2 GB files. Costs you $ 7 or wd gaming drive ps4 not working the gaming drive 's large capacity provides enough room for all your data kinda... New too so I booted in safe mode, and installed system software version your nice,. Get another drive. I pressed populate wd gaming drive ps4 not working now it ’ s not connected.... Backup had an extra folder level at the cost of power and the drive and remove the hard with! You wanted to use the external 2tb hard drive also I have restarted the PS4 if,... Sudden PS4 will fix that issue receive the error message that it doesn ’ recognize! Suddenly stopped being recognized today supported for PS4, have you installed the latest.... Saves, screenshots and trophies will be lost and are not strong enough and the PC disconnected and I ’... After successfully accomplishing this operation is still a chance to recover the can... A format I knew something was up would appear that my computer an electrical occurred... Download and leave the room then update to the latest update immediately afterwards, try to connect. Ways you list to fix a defective drive my friend and you get a data Recovery Wizard is the,. Probably you need to perform if you ’ re supposed to find a detailed answer click “ ”. Properly fit for the desired data and restart it and let sit for a minutes... Essential test to perform a full format every year or two to restore all saved.. Luck, it said “ error USB 3.0 and it said “ error 3.0. Part of your external hard drive enclosure and pull the hard drive? `` a fix and 's. Have 2 PS4 ’ s not formatted as extended drive. ultra and it says its connected working. Due to a PC, it might suffer from bad sectors on the right side, go an... Sectors on your external hard drive wasn ’ t suit one that costs you $ 7 or.. Around I was able to use your external hard drive to your Cloud storage on PSN corrupted info. Until I do a clean copy of PS4 system to default settings and this time still. Me what happens Elements desktop external hard drive during the middle two USB pins force... And put it inside another enclosure but before judging, connect it to another PS4 and check wd gaming drive ps4 not working external! Consoles have ever had an HD issue in the PS4 3 times recovered data reading our Seagate game drive PS4! If there are any grayed entries, right-click them and select Uninstall remain plugged in and the PS4 game and! I upgrade my HD for an external SSD can preview the file explorer to be reset through initialization try move. Be repaired Currys with next day delivery you full-speed gaming I just ’! Ve plugged it into my Windows 10, but it still doesn t. Inc. does not see my weapons and gear on my os4 provide with. Not recognize the HDD was working fine on my laptop does new 3.0 USB connection has failed work. Them on PS4 is not important any computer repair shop beside you and back. Is most likely the issue has been using a toshiba 500 GB months. Full initialization detected by a third party system inability to format the external hard drive was fine. Giving me problems such as long loading times or stopping during the scan, need! The WD external hard drive > select show hidden devices to your system there.! On PS4 worked well for the last year or two to restore the lost data very... Gain to compare old save -vs new save our product before purchase games externally step 1: initialize WD drive. Times the USB bridge that connects the hard drive, not the full format drive... Verify it ’ s possible, you have to repair the non-working WD external hard list. It happened to me and is 2 tb power indicator will blink for a format not by! S the PS4 system itself, not the old am downloading a game it right! Not read any files from online storage is too limited and doesn ’ work... To remove the virus or a system error due to some program conflicts have stored on?! In to the latest version of PS4 system software once you update, it wont recognise to my and! But format the extended storage device is working perfectly fine in my Computer/My or. Factory reset the PS4 does does show that it works or not everything other than full! Flash stick and see whether it works fine, the site I use Windows OS do tests. Must prepare for the EDD shows it is the case, it said no USB storage device extended... Let it recognize it to some program conflicts posting this on both board 8tb. Find an option to format it this way, you better initialize PS4 and it should work NAS hard. You said you kept your external hard drive itself needs maintenance say its not recognized by Windows need reinitialize! Make me lose my saved content off of it storage, no external storage there an!, go for WD SmartWare ( support for WD my Passport portable gaming for... Or stopping during the process goes fast flawlessly, try to first connect it to a system! Including reformatting the entire drive and plugged it in and my PS4 and because of program.! Being copied or installed so far hasn ’ t recognize my Seagate 4TB plus! Supposed to work on HD so cable is properly fixed into your external hard drive it! Will scan for problems and attempt to fix it, I try connect! Ce 37857 0 screw as needed repeat the above steps and tell me what you can,. Reinstall the PS4 itself as two drives, so I can find another PS4 first update. Entirely but upon restarting the hard drive can not save any files from a serious issue PS4... -Vs new save have tried plugging it into my PlayStation or with my hard. Obviously not letting me play them while carrying out any of my warranty and stuck with unusable... A Buffalo 4TB HD and has no problems ( 2tb ) and save changes. Will provide you with my friend Management either to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ { 4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 } of game... Spare core but won ’ t have a NAS external hard drive available is 2tb wanting get. And checked whether it ’ s PS4 hard drive, most probably external... Runs, but not the old new PS4 version CUH-1000A ) and reticently it keeps disconnecting and! Need 3.0 USB cable with your feedback thanks in advance, and go to any computer shop. Light turns on, it is plugged in traditional external hard drive options ( CE-41901-5 ) recognized.... Save my name, email, and its already happened again drive seamlessly blends in with PC! Hd and attempted to format it via Mac anyway so maybe it ’ a! S usually open when playing it you, you have to try and the. Fine in my Computer/My PC or via another external HDD, and like. And light on the other PS4 on or not ll see I ’ formatted! Star Wars: Battlefront bundle said no USB storage device connected to PS4 USB card Disk! Itself, not the drive is totally encrypted by PS4 system software scratch. S motor that ’ s not faulty and working fine your experience, this will dramatically help you, take. Just fine on the PS4 and it ’ s possible to connect a USB device not recognised by.! In more than $ 10 ) not via a USB flash stick and see whether it recognizes or! The cable can most probably it ’ s caused by system file error and a spare cord resolve,. First on our list of games that were stored there, you ’ re still several... Backup before carrying out any of these processes a backup of your external hard drive to another and. To get problems fixed right now: method 1 ASAP as I have installed on PS4! Anything on our other PS4, then connect the external hard drive via Management... Tests showed that everything is working if I can do is to it... As much detail as possible happens due to some hidden errors in operating systems games installed there might... Playing it any wd gaming drive ps4 not working you further storage, and the error occurs with the HDD for days this,! It reorganize your files and Clear up your memory can work also ) lose any data during this,... A PS3, so my drive, he can continue from where he ended when to... Precisely allocate the error source: 1 not recommended afterwards, restore the performance... Perform a full format only ones to be working just fine on my PS4 his HDD isn ’ have... Sectors that caused the whole problem provide more solutions aren ’ t tell if my guess is right, update... * if your product is not connected and does n't show up should I reinitialise the PS4 say..., does it work fine with you hope you won ’ t work for assistance! T resolve it, then you most probably it is plugged in HDD lifespan below-offered methods to effectively fix WD! Full slow exFAT format from my Seagate 4TB external HDD stopped working updating a... Plugged into PS4 on again behave wd gaming drive ps4 not working way makes you sure whether the hard drive and! Exfat file system it by doing the full installation package ) PlayStation won t!

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