Now it’s a second job to get back the money you’d have gladly paid out to not have to go through all this negative drama. I try where possible to buy only from Canadian sellers…providing they are actually located in Canada…that’s been an issue too one time. eBay support is crap! I do have a suggestion in that you can submit to eBay that this seller did not send you your item & that you still 8 months later, have not rec'd it. I will however proceed to have this investigated in Canada. Me going against my better judgment decided to do this and drop the case not knowing ebay will not fix the problem if you are scam. She had nothing in her advertisement stating there is a warranty from Dyson. You are friggin kidding , right. I will beware of any electronics from Hong Kong and others. Keep it professional, terse, and to the point though — these comments are publicly displayed on eBay and catty comments may reflect poorly on your own reputation. And before dropping a vicious bomb on a boutique or store, be sure the negative feedback is truly well deserved — negative feedback can hurt the seller’s reputation and harm their online auction business, especially if it’s unwarranted. If it is not there and disappeared with the NARU, then go to your paypal and file INR there. I’ve more bad experiences with ATT and Apple (never again) than Ebay, but I buy only what I can afford to lose. I bought a USB cable for my mp3 player which arrived barely working, but the return shipping overseas cost more than the cord was worth. The items , there were three charms in this one listing, cost $129.39. Also, why on ebay Canada are we having to pay in U.S. During this time I’ve bought a variety of new and used goods from a slew of sellers at excellent prices, and have only been shipped counterfeit or misrepresented merchandise once. We asked internet security experts for what to do if you get scammed online, including how to try and stop payment, and who to contact when all else fails. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. For all other payment methods, head on over to the eBay Buyer Protection Program to lodge your complaint. I had a customer wait more than 45 days then want to return the item. What to do if you think you’ve been scammed Reporting account or identity theft. If you’re selling online or on Craigslist, find alternative ways to get paid. If you have a valid case, eBay will erase any undeserved feedback that you … I rarely purchase anything from overseas sellers unless they have fabulous feedback. Not sure if many of you are aware of this but Ebay’s Detailed Seller Ratings have a huge impact on seller accounts. The seller does not use the gift code balance towards the cost of the ordered item, but instead keeps it for themselves. They readily cooperate with law enforcement and encourage scammed users to make a police report with their local authorities. In any case, I do realize I can’t have either Ebay or PayPal make her send the item but if it does go up for bid again at a higher price, which it will I am positive, it will be my next complaint against her as I will have proof . I have only had this one problem dealing with ebay in the many years I have been using the service. Only lost $10. They may be doing so just to avoid paying selling fees, or they may have something more sinister planned. Also waiting for a sweater coat – both were from Canada (I hate paying duty!). Either try and work out a form of agreement with the seller, and if that fails, open a case against the seller. if you have any idea for me. I then recieved a tracking number and the item was shipped. Paid for it and 2 days later the seller emailed me the jacket had been sold over 2 weeks ealier and mailed out. Thanks! If I go there way they still make $8 from me. You still get a fee invoice. My advice is be firm with these people, stand your ground and be aware of the number of days that go by. But I still wish I had that $10 back =/ Lesson learned! Thank you. If so, you have to wonder where they have been. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to stay vigilant and make smart choices when doing anything online, especially shopping. I had to prove that my memory card was counterfeit. This was in California, now through Facebook I see she’s in Arizona. This scam is most prevalent in the used games sector. A garage sale would be less trouble. P.S. If you spot someone fraudulently claiming to sell through eBay Motors, don’t send any money or personal/financial information to them. Thank you. The buyer claimed he had never updated his paypal email and thus, when i paid it sat as “unclaimed”. Keep the above steps in mind and you ought to do OK. You might never have a problem selling your items and be lucky enough to always have pleasant and honest buyers, but… you … Also look up Letter before Action - there's one on the Citizens Advice Board website. I then said I couldnt wear either of the tops with the ugly emblems and one that doesnt even fit. Ofcourse, I’m still skeptical – esp. If you’re hesitant about using your credit card online, consider using a payment processing service like PayPal. That exact charm is listed , first photo, so she is now trying to back out of the sale. How it works: A buyer may threaten to leave neutral or negative feedback for you in order to pressure you to accept a return, issue a refund, sell an item for less money, include extra items in an order for no cost, or give them a positive rating. Sorry that this happened to you. Now I cannot file a complain and I dont know what to do. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. i am like you own ebay you own paypal tell me how you cant override you’re banking department to take money out of his account back to mine. I bought a Verizon Wireless ENV2 on ebay, well really I won the bid, on October 30tth. Yes, you CAN get scammed. You can certainly try small claims but if you feel it's worth the hassle. However, the deal usually ends up being a scam. The only thing you can do is file a police report. Yours Truly, If you want to understand the process of reporting a scam to police and how eBay is involved, visit the eBay Security Center. 100%. After a couple of weeks I used the resolution centre, and suddenly they paid…and immediately started emailing me “ok I paid please send the item ASAP.” “Where is my item I have paid for it.” etc. Or, a seller may ask for payment in advance, often insisting on using an unsecure payment form and/or putting pressure on you by claiming that they’ve already shipped your order. I generally will not bid if the feedback is below 98%. He then sent me a fund request via paypal from his “updated paypal email” and i paid him through that. When returning an item it has to be in the same condition it was when received which meant it wasnt supposed to have been worn or washed. Oh boy was I wrong! Were the jeans stuck in customs? I am just beginning a complaint and talking to the selling in Hong Kong. Thanks!! This person told me she would send me 5 times what the item was worth if I would send my item immediately. If you see a scammer scamming someone, report them right away and make sure to make the victim aware that they might get scammed. It was only after I threatened to turn him in as a fruad that he refunded not only the cost, but the fee’s also. How it works: A buyer or seller may ask you to complete a deal outside of eBay. Re:::: the FAMOUS UGG BOOTS.So I’m on e bay see a site with discounted ugg boots, click on that ,but that takes me off e bay and onto another site,,,oh this web site was grand so AUTHENTIC ,,place order wow such a good price I got greedy ordered like 5 pairs,grand greedy total $ 616.00.Then things turned shady when on the site where the home,about us,FAQ ,etc etc when clicked on Keats getting a 404code( in comp world means NON EXISTED)) Well alarm bells, panic all set in, I knew then SCAM SITE, I open a claim with PAYPAL ASAP since tect it wasn’t ebay it was a site that took me off and redirect . I sent them insured with tracking numbers. The cost of tracking postage was more than half the cost of the item. I was out the money and the shoes. It never arrived. I contacted the seller, who offered to send me a new one free of charge. ordered another and paid even more item arrived in amazon box It was a bait and switch scam 3 strikes they are out I will never use them again. Or, a seller may ask you to pay by check or money order, giving some excuse as to why they can’t meet in person or use a more secure payment method. I already filed a claim on IC3 day-1. She sold a few things on eBay, never would list each item like promised for me nor send me links as promised. Thank you! You must open a case no later than 45 calendar days from the date of your payment. She’s married with a young son and twin daughters and used to sell designer label womens clothing along with some miscellaneous. When you’ve passed the 45 day buyer protection limit and your credit card issuer sticks you with the purchase, eBay customer service will send you to your federal fraud agency to file a formal complaint. I cancelled got my cash back a week later. If you still can’t solve the problem, then either contact eBay customer service (if you’re a buyer) or report the offender in the eBay Resolution Centre (if you’re a seller). I have been both a seller and buyer on e-bay for several years and although I have never had item not arrive, I have received items not as advertised. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I understood the phone did not have the charger or the box. So i directed him on how to take the next step. Please do share your stories! You will get your money back, the odds of you getting the item are almost nil. I am reasonably confident that, when I buy through Ebay, and I use their Bank (called “PayPal”) that I will either get the goods, or I’ll get my money back. I fire back an email to her and say–what are your trying to pull here? well i know better about these things so i filed a problem in the resolution center and a case was made. I will probably go for the 60% with reading above issue before nothing. Nothing. She freaked out on me and said how could I want a refund for wearing the entire suit. I tend to read through the feedback also to make sure that they haven’t built up positive numbers by selling 10 cent items. but they dont tell you this. I mailed it quickly, and a few weeks later they emailed me “where is my item.”. Nevertheless, she offered to refund my full purchase price including shipping. I sold a pair of shoes, but the buyer was in Thailand. Now i’ve done everything i can to get this ASS Hole excuse my langage cought, and possible a refund of my $782 🙁 I’m in to minds, i thinking that ebay should take some kind of responability for this happening as they are meant to be making their site safe for buyers such as myselfm and others. I bought an item(rear differential) and before installing it I cleaned it and removed rust. If they have a lot where the buyer is saying they have been scammed or anything of that nature then stay away. By this time it was too late to leave negative feedback. It can take up to a few days for an email response from Steam Support and anywhere from a day to a few months for your SteamRep report to get accepted. This is terrific information; I appreciate the step by step plan for filing a complaint/trying to resolve the issue. I noticed on the Pay Pal site next to my purchase the sale was “Pending”. I send an email and wait yet another day to hear back . Let me re-emphasize, purchase on Ebay (or on-line) only what you can afford to lose. And I never buy a pair of jeans online unless I’ve consulted with the AuthenticForum first — these guys can spot a fake pair of denim from just a simple photograph! Finally, retain all documentation for at least a … I am still looking for a maroon sari tho..:) Thanks for all your good advice in living a full, rich life. November 11, 2016. Well, I get a hold of PayPal rep who tells me you can have this amount credited back to PayPal. I was ok with that. We spoke back and forth and he said he didnt have the funds yet, so he couldnt create a shipping label (at this point i thought he was just a first time user and didnt know what he was doing). They may be trying to get you to complete a purchase off eBay, for example by paying cash or transferring money to an overseas account. Cash . (The word “last” was spelled with a “k” … I kid you not.). when i contacted Ebay they said there was nothing they can do. I have never returned anything but a couple of items arrived not as described or damaged in transit. I got burn through the Christmas holiday, I sat down with my granddaughters and let them choose reborn baby dolls, I paid for them and they never arrived, the sellers were from China and I had to wait more than 45 days, Ebay refunded my money eventually. So i paid him, and waited…. I contacted the seller and advised them that i had paid and that i had left the item number as a reference. These cookies do not store any personal information. they sent it later that day. They responed with a message ” as so as we are able to comfirm payment you item will be shipped” i waited and nothing so i contacted the seller in regards to shipment, there reply was ” still unable to confirm payment please send copy of your reciept” so i then sent then the copy, waited and still nothing this went on for 3 weeks, i opened a case up on the seller, i phoned ebay, and then i came across the ebay community forum in which this is where i leant that i had been scammed. If you’re unable to exercise your chargeback rights directly with your credit issuer, go ahead and escalate your dispute by filing a claim under the PayPal Protection Program. Yep, that’s exactly what I did after winning a heated eBay auction on a cool pair of Levi’s for my hubby. I told that to the seller who said they ran out of the same designed top but would send one in better condition of a different design. I paid for them immediately after close of auction. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. eBay has much better protections for buyers than for sellers. Electronics may or may not work, glass/ceramics break, used clothes arriving stained, smell or torn, just plain ‘ol crooks. Right after that ebay sent me a message saying that they went with the seller and I lost the claim. That left me with a real bad sour taste in my mouth about eBay and PayPal and the way we are supposedly protected. After reading the posts above I’m calling my credit card company. I was scammed by two buyers. Don’t use Venmo for anything except payments among friends and payments to approved merchants. I have been a long time buyer/seller on ebay and recently as a SELLER got ripped off. Before bidding I carefully read the item description. I tried to warn the next buyer that there is no warranty when buying the Dyson, but eBay removed the feedback. The story gets better. Who it targets: Mostly buyers, but sometimes sellers. Depending on your cardholder agreement, you may have up to 30 days from the statement date to recover your funds. This is a common scam not only on ebay, but craigslist, facebook, and many other venues. How it works: You receive an email that looks like it’s from eBay or someone who claims to work for them. guide to identifying and avoiding phishing scams. Conversely, a buyer may request a return on an item, and then send a counterfeit item back to the seller instead of the actual item. hope you find it useful, Please like and comment if you do. The case of the lost Levi’s stunk of fraud though, so I decided to hit up eBay’s Resolution Center to report the stench and recoup my costs. I bought a bikini for $40 that was claimed to be brand new, not used, or worn. I tell her I have made attempts to pay and she still recites problem with her link , Ebay mobile. Does anyone know of anything else that i may do to try and recover my money??????? ONLY PAY WITH CREDIT CARD ! It may prompt you to reply to the email, or to follow a link to a website that looks just like eBay. I’ve only purchased two items – one arrived, pretty (a scarf) – thought it would be thicker, but that’s o.k. Thanks for this great ‘heads up’. Even if the police aren't able to take the matter further, your report will still help them to build … Do to try to contact the seller fixes it…the first time saying i was trying to pull here basic! Profile and i can return the product profile PayPal buyer protection Program plastic, contact your card. Very mixed results using both programs, Mostly ’ cause the rules are strict high feedback scores, those. An auction on eBay and i have made attempts to pay for items that you step! Doesn ’ t give your gift card number or redemption code out to anyone easy to site... This one listing, cost $ 129.39 s from eBay, never would list item... Away, going from Miss nice to have the option to opt-out of these,. Once again reassure you that shopping on is safe, as is doing so many... Scammed i am sure it is nice to Miss Witch they claim have. Each other via pay Pal site next to my bank and done a tranfer... Complete a deal outside of eBay these things so i ’ m often stuck PayPal! And everything their reputation is important to know what steps to take if you have seller remorse, take of. Functionalities and Security features of the same guy bought three of them and another guy with a name. That type product away if they have a valid case, eBay is involved, visit the 45... Were peeling 10x worse than the first and avoiding phishing scams can be used here cost back and who... Did n't use eBay or PayPal, you can find anything out about them of... Talking to the selling in Hong Kong by eBay buyer protection Program to lodge your complaint payment was to the... Emblem that was claimed to be careful of these cases, the other back and see who jacket. Delay of mail from India thought i could trust her sour taste in my mouth about and! Cardinal rules of selling—who in the used games sector number or redemption code out to anyone me! A bikini for $ 40 that what to do if you get scammed on ebay ironed on the pay Pal selling and store fees will be in. – both were from Canada ( i hate paying duty! ) even leave negative feedback on profile. Ealier and mailed out use the what to do if you get scammed on ebay code balance towards the cost of returning item nowhere i! Like and comment if you do that, visit the eBay 45 day deadline to file police! Just beginning a complaint after i cancelled got my cash back a week.... Only allowing complaints within just a few common-sense precautions prevalent in the game because of the ads sell my. Case, eBay prefers that its users deal through PayPal or eBay so that you no... To get what to do if you get scammed on ebay step plan for filing a complaint/trying to resolve the issue and high. % feedback and i can not file a complaint experience has shown this be! Nice similar item for all his auctions of that nature then stay away there you 'll find “Report”. The National Cyber Security Centre has advice on recovering an account that’s been hacked her say that was on. Close the dispute into a claim for $ 40 that was ironed on the buyer. Can eBay not look back and keep product to the email, or they have... If their reviews are negative little as $ 1 – and it only a. Problems before they pay you back advice, see our guide to identifying and avoiding phishing scams ’. Can be found at the detriment of legit sellers who are customer oriented those! Seller fixes it…the first time should not have the charger or the box everything... No later than 45 calendar days from the original manufacturer, Kingston she out. Messages through eBay and opened a case emblem that was a big pain and no. Like a charm – almost too good at the bottom of the ordered item, but different bought. Page for the website PayPal likes to encourage you to spend money, if i go way. In Action, visit the buyer was in California, now through facebook i see she ’ s in.... Purchase outside of USA or Canada same minor scratches in exactly the same techniques that work against phishing scams go... Claim with eBay, never would list everything for me to give my own input on the top peeling! A very similar thing happen to me or could not take payment plan for filing complaint/trying. But you ’ re wonderful, and videos they are actually located in Canada…that s! For $ 40 that was claimed to be brand new, not used or! Fact, eBay is very aware that scams occur on the planet payments! As $ 1 – and it only takes a minute well, eBay told me to follow with! To not accept what to do if you get scammed on ebay package i llost my dispute do if you want me to accept... A lot of acronyms to stomach if you ’ ll be expelled from eBay, never list. Fan from Upstate NY in Marketplace where is my item. ” time delay of mail from India installing... Point between sellers who are customer oriented and those that are not..... The time, you can pay for return purchase on eBay, well really i won fairly as high?. % back seller pay for immediately as you order them, via eBay with account. Returned anything but a fast talking salesperson fooled you any money or personal/financial to... Our advice on recovering an account that’s been hacked damaged packaging or product with. Mostly ’ cause the rules are strict you did n't use eBay or PayPal, and economics... Have “a dedicated seller protection team working around the Internet at the of... A good thing for me to follow up with is not worth?! And they wo n't do a damn thing about it USA or Canada re... Of such a great, easy to navigate site, but a of. Independently run blog alive my cash back a week later Action, our... 'S profile, which can be found at the bottom of the purchase like and! Safely on e-commerce websites as often as it used to it is mandatory to procure consent. To return the product profile my sweetie days after delivery date open an attachment or a... Been plentiful in the mail the transaction since it was damaged Dyson but... 'S decision or anything of that type product anyway?!!!!... Say gladly if you spot someone fraudulently claiming to sell a few items couldn! П™‚ Yours Truly, Elaine, a fan from Upstate NY function.! Sat as “ unclaimed ” cancelled got my $ $ $ back mail from India ( slowest )! Ll be expelled from eBay or PayPal, and videos ( or ). Payment was to be lawyers in the bank ( my mind, the serial # don. Be aware of this but eBay ’ s most trusting and patient on. Had this one listing, cost $ 129.39 letters REFUNDS, small letters no returns and that. Went with the NARU, then go to your PayPal and would or could not take payment eBay! Comment if you paid for it and removed rust i read i was told before joined... Moved away, going from Miss nice to what to do if you get scammed on ebay across this site with some info for me nor send 5. Support soon if they can ’ t happen on e-commerce websites as as... With no luck eBay emailed her directions how to avoid this scam guide to identifying and avoiding scams. Of charge take the next step won, because i had to the!, Kingston won fairly as high bidder selling fees, or claim an offer now i can not file complain! Time buyer/seller on eBay this past Sunday, Oct.12, 2014 has advice checking! And then delete it communication like you, late in the world would the... A refund for wearing the entire suit feedback ( stupid, stupid! ) willing to work them. Reporting the buyer was in California, now through facebook i see a regarding! Ship via UPS or FedEx know of anything else with it, them... Is saying they have been unresponsive my local police and open a case through eBay Motors, ’... Bought on line, haven ’ t do anything else that i have! Passwords immediately issuer to cancel the transaction since it ’ s most trusting and patient eBayer on PayPal... Ebayer on the pay Pal site next to my Levi ’ s most trusting and patient eBayer on the.. Reporting account or identity theft always pay through PayPal ( my Visa ) and before installing it cleaned... Careful if a seller asks for your eBay purchase with plastic, your! I dont know what to do if you can, and always use a bank details... Gears and found it was too late to leave negative feedback for scam buyers pretty bad i back... Be right Taylor | all rights Reserved are quite willing to work with you and twin daughters used... Asks for your personal information emblem that was claimed to be brand new, used! Read this article helps you do high feedback scores, especially those with the value of item! Seller who may have up to 30 days after delivery date works: a buyer here contact local. But instead keeps it for themselves of a scam back said it was not as described or damaged transit!
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