Please check the North Maine Woods website additional information. The northern half of the park appears on the back of the map and includes Mount Katahdin as well as the Main Public Woods – Telos Unit, the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area, and the upper half of the Nahmakanta Lake Unit. Maps purchased here can only be viewed in Table, fireplace and daily garbage collection. Appalachian Mountain Club operated lodges, huts, backcountry shelters and campsites are included as well. Our high-quality men's clothing is expertly designed and made for the shared joy of the outdoors. Baxter State Park and Mt.    Katahdin Iron Works - A Maine Historical Site - The Maine Bureau of Parks and Recreation operates two camping parks in the area. The 1880's also marked the beginning of the summer resort business here. Cutting and hauling wood to burn in these kilns was a major activity and employed hundreds of men. You can also check out their blog at There are beautiful museums and historical sites located throughout the valley. now=new Date(); the Avenza Maps app on iOS and Android. It is the site of an ironworks which operated from 1845 to 1890. The section of the AT which goes through Gulf Hagas is called the Hundred-Mile Wilderness. Katahdin Iron Works State Park. //end hide --> Camping is also available for a fee. Home Page   Here the fires of the blast furnace flames non-stop for as long as a year at a time, glowing against the night sky. One winter, when the iron works was at the height of its operation, 400 men, using 200 horses and oxen, cut and hauled 20,000 cords of wood, a year's supply for the kilns. 06 ($53.06/Count)    Facts, Figures and more concerning the State of Maine.    Aroostook County, Its Only Natural - The Maine Potato - An Agricultural Treat - These kilns each burned 50 cords of wood (which took 6 days to burn and 10 days to cool) at a time and produced charcoal vital in fueling the blast furnace. The people who opened the Katahdin Iron Works in 1843 built an iron works, town and roads in this remote location. About 75% of the park is managed as a wildlife sanctuary. In March 1890, the Piscataquis Observer reported the end of this fascinating and unique chapter in Maine's history. We are located inside North Maine Woods' Katahdin Iron Works/Jo-Mary Multiple Use Management Forest on the South Shore of Upper Jo-Mary Lake.    6 Miles Deep, Maine 04414 USA. Katahdin Iron Works is located about six miles further on this gravel road. Stop and register at the Gate Station. Known as The Hermitage, this preserve is also a National Natural Landmark. The hotel burned in 1913. Yet it was the wilderness, with its ready supplies of iron ore, fuel wood and water power that brought the iron works industry to this site. This is the final 100 miles (160 km) of the AT and is viewed by many as the most remote and difficult portion. For camping information at Maine State Parks including Lily Bay and Peaks-Kenny State Parks: To reach Katahdin Iron Works, take Route 11 to Brownville Junction. A compilation of places, dates, times and other items of interest to see in The County when you come to visit. WE HAVE IT ALL!!!! It survived destructive fires and a railroad was built to lower transportation costs. Beautiful scenery and numerous recreational opportunities surround Katahdin Iron Works. What's New   Katahdin Ironwork This was in the 1800s a village. Katahdin Iron Works [Northwest of Brownville Junction at Silver Lake] Katahdin Iron Works Township, T6 R9 NWP, is an unorganized township northwest of Brownville and … The Weather   Copyright © 1995- Regional Links   Here, the molten iron cooled into pig iron ingots, each weighing about 80 pounds. A four foot wide strip of earth is fertilized (manured) and a trench is dug into the sod on either side. Peaks-Kenny State Park, on the shore of Sebec Lake, is located at the end of Route 153, about six miles from Dover-Foxcroft. Katahdin Iron Works was first operated as an historic site in 1965. by Mainerec.Com, Katahdin Iron Works - A Maine Historical Site, Vacation Package Ideas for Northern Maine. Open Now. Edit Place; Edit Rating Boost. The Katahdin Iron Works (KI) Jo-Mary Multiple Use Management Area is a region of about 175,000 acres of privately owned commercial forest, wedged conveniently between Moosehead Lake and Baxter State Park.    Loaded with valuable information about hiking, camping, and fishing in the park, the map also includes a UTM and Latitude/Longitude grid, as well as compass rose and scale bar for easy and accurate navigation. USD. The park that bears his name now covers 209,501 acres and includes Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest peak. Our Baxter State Park / Mount Katahdin map is printed in the U.S.A. on durable synthetic paper, making it waterproof, tear-resistant, and trail tough — capable of going anywhere you do. Vacation Package Ideas for Northern Maine - // end hide --> Most people access Gulf Hagas by driving through Katahdin Iron Works, a State Park and historic site where iron ore was once smelted. Legal    A place of glory~! Nearby, the Maine Chapter of the Nature Conservancy protects 35 wooded acres of some of Maine's oldest white pines. It is the site of an ironworks which operated from 1845 to 1890.    Popular Places Included on the Map Mount Katahdin, Katahdin Iron Works, Roach Ponds, Barren Mountain, Earley Landing Falls, Greenwood Ponds, Appalachian Trail, KI-JO Forest, Katahdin Lake, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Gulf Hagas Key Features: • Waterproof and tear-resistant • Detailed topography and clearly defined, color-coded boundaries of state parks, ecological reserves, and more Helpful park information including checkpoints, visitor centers, and ranger stations • Northern Forest Canoe Trail • • Appalachian Trail and Appalachian Mountain Club lodge, huts, shelters, and campsites • Hundreds of points-of-interest, including the location of campsites, scenic viewpoints, wildlife viewing, boat launches, canoe carry downs, lookout towers, and amphitheaters Latitude/Longitude, UTM, and Magnetic Declination – for use with GPS and Compass • About Baxter State Park / Mount Katahdin Governor Percival P. Baxter so enjoyed vacationing in the Maine woods as a child, he purchased nearly 6,000 acres of land in 1930 to fulfill his dream of creating a park. Welcome to a unique area of North America - the KI-Jo Mary Multiple Use Management Forest. Add to Trip. Businesses   Drive five miles north of Brownville Junction on Route 11 and turn left at the sign for Katahdin Iron Works State Historic Site. All that’s left is the furnace and an unidentified stone dome structure. In the past, these structures pulsed with activity as part of Maine's only nineteenth century iron works operation. Jo - Mary Lake Campground is a campground located in Millinocket. In the end, the iron works failed when huge mill in Pennsylvania brought the nation's new age of steel. Such sights and sounds must have seemed out of place in the Maine wilderness.       Around Maine   These kilns each burned 50 cords of wood (which took 6 days to burn and 10 days to cool) at a time and produced charcoal vital in fueling the blast furnace. Its beginnings, for example, paralleled a growing demand for iron farm tools, machinery and railroad car wheels. Please stay safe and call ahead to get the latest information. EXCITEMENT AND ADVENTURE! Paddling, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, fishing, and wildlife viewing make this park a popular d, Price: After the seed is put on the manured strip, pieces of the sod are laid on top of the seed. The private landowners cooperating in this program request that you read the following information. Silver Lake Campground is a family owned and operated all-seasonal campground. PENOBSCOT COUNTY WATERFALLS Contact: Katahdin Region Chamber of Commerce 1029 Central Street, Millinocket, ME 04462 207-723-4443 The heart of the Katahdin Iron Works was its blast furnace where intense heat separated iron from other materials in the ore. Workers pouted ore, limestone flux and charcoal into the top of the furnace. Explore details, ratings and reviews for our men's Katahdin Iron Works clothing & shoes at L.L.Bean. Extensive restoration was done on the furnace and kiln in 1966. For the outdoor enthusiast, canoe down our expeditious St. John River. Annual Camping (Over 70) - Maine Residents - $40.00, Non Residents - $40.00 ... Katahdin Iron Works - A Maine Historical Site - Today, the skeletons of a blast furnace and charcoal kiln stand silent, lone remnants of the Katahdin Iron Works. The Katahdin Iron Works is a Maine state historic site located in the unorganized township of the same name. AMC’s archives contain numerous accounts and photographs of August Camp, though perhaps none was more thoroughly documented than the 1939 trip to the Katahdin Iron Works. BAXTER STATE PARK / Mount Katahdin – Trails Illustrated Map National Geographic's recreational map of Baxter State Park / Mount Katahdin is a two-sided, waterproof map designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts with unmatched durability and detail. One such example is the remains of Katahdin Iron Works… Whether paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, camping in the North Maine Woods, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, these maps perform as highly functional travel tools that are as useful as they are remarkably crafted. Tucked off by ourselves, we have managed to retain hunting and fishing territories of the highest quality. Heads up! Silver Lake Katahdin Iron Works Twp, Piscataquis, Maine MIDAS 0922 Each site includes a picnic table, camp fire ring, water and 20, 30 and 50 amp […] Year-round activities abound in the park and the location of scenic viewpoints, wildlife viewing, boat launches and canoe carry downs, lookout towers, amphitheaters, ATV trails, and other points of interest are clearly marked as are park boundaries and access points. Deep in the woods. Real Estate   Considered one of the last real wilderness areas on the East Coast, the Katahdin/Moosehead Region offers some of the finest camping, fishing, boating, hiking and hunting anywhere. The Outdoors