This plan began in 2017 and the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources stated that the drones would cost about $3 million. 1,000 millimeters per year. In fact, the region is the country's largest producer of cattle. //-->. To the south of the divide are several smaller, independent rivers. We have basically two kinds of rivers which are, the Snow-fed rivers and the second is the Rain-fed rivers. Located in south-eastern Ghana between Longitudes 0° 40′ E and 1° 10′ E and Latitudes 5° 25′ N and 6° 20′ N, the Volta Delta of Ghana covers an area of about 4562 km 2 (Appeaning Addo et al. In addition, the water held in dams can be used for irrigation to help n food production during the dry seasons. Several streams and rivers also dry up or experience reduced flow during the dry seasons of the year, while flooding during the rainy seasons is common. Ghana's capital is Kumbi, which is located at the southern part of the Empire. Seasonal variations in some physicochemical and nutrients water quality parameters of River Tano were studied between November, 2016 and October, 2017 using electrometric and standard methods. Since rivers are a good source of clean water suitable for irrigation, there is bound to be irrigation taking place close to a river. However, the size of ships that can use the river is what hinders transportation. When it rains, water falls on all surfaces, not just in the waterways. Ghana's topography consists mainly of low plains but its south-central area does have a small plateau. The highest elevation in Ghana, Mount Afadjato in the Akwapim-Togo Ranges, rises only 880 meters above sea level. Oti River, river in West Africa, rising in the southern plain of Burkina Faso.It meanders southward, briefly flowing along the Togo-Benin border. The Water Resources Commission chose the Ankobra basin together with three other basins; the White Volta and the Densu for a project they rolled out. Appendix II gives the details of drainage areas by sub-basins and lengths of the 2.0 Location and Physical Environment of River Dayi The Dayi river is located in the Volta Region, east of the Volta Lake. All rivers have a river bed, which all differ from one another. To the south of the Kwahu Plateau, the heaviest rains occur in the Axim area in the southwest corner of Ghana. Ghana - Ghana - Plant and animal life: Although soils and biotic factors (i.e., those pertaining to living organisms, including humans) are important, vegetation is primarily determined by precipitation. Its southernmost coast at Cape Three Points is 4 30' north of the equator. The information contained in this database was collated by the Centre for Coastal Management (CCM) and its affiliate institutions. The basin's population, principally farmers, is low in density, especially in the central and northwestern areas of the basin, where tsetse flies are common. Since the mid-1980s, when former United States President Jimmy Carter's Global 2000 Part of the area between the Pru and Anum rivers forms the Pra Anum Forest Reserve.. References [] ^ Rand McNally Encyclopedia of World Rivers. Almost all the rivers and streams north of this divide form part of the Volta system. Ghana is drained by a large number of streams and rivers. 31, 2015 GHANA JOURNAL OF FORESTRY, VOL. Point to note is, when rivers do flood, they carry with them quality soil suitable for crop production. Physico-Chemical Characteristics of The Bui Dam Area Of The Black Volta River, Ghana Posted on: 22 Mar, 2017 4:13 pm Pre- and post-impoundment studies of physical and chemical parameters of water in the Bui dam area of the Black Volta were carried out … to 1,350 millimeters. The Pra River has the funda mental responsibility of carrying untreated sewage, effluents from mining companies and fertili zers as a result of farming along its banks into the ocean. Here the terrain is low, averaging 60 to 150 meters in elevation, and annual rainfall is between 1,140 and about 1,400 millimeters. Prior to this, the river was used as a borderline separating the Ashanti Empire from the then Gold Coast. It cuts south-southwest across northern Togo and then forms the Ghana-Togo border for about 60 miles (100 km) before continuing southward through Ghana to empty into Lake Volta (created in the dammed Volta River). Furthermore, it has a road bridge that cuts across the river adding to its stunning beauty. Elevations of the Konkori Scarp to the west and the Gambaga Scarp to the north reach from 300 Drones will be deployed and will send information to the rightful authorities who will then be prompted to act accordingly. Periodic burning evidently occurred over extensive areas for perhaps more than a Rivers are fresh water bodies which generally originate in mountainous areas or elevated areas. considerable distances in their lower reaches. Ghana, Togo, and Benin. This trade is now carried by road and rail transportation. They play a very important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. It is made up of two rivers- the Nakambe River, also known as the White Volta River, which flows from Burkina Faso. The plateau also marks the northernmost limit of the forest zone. To the south and the southwest, the basin is less than 300 meters. To their north lie three regions--the Ashanti Uplands, the Akwapim-Togo Ranges, and the Volta Basin. The country has one large natural lake, Lake Bosumtwi, located about thirty-two kilometers southeast of Kumasi. For sanitation the survey data demonstrate very low access to improved sanitation, with the JMP reporting coverage at 13 percent in 2008, up from 7 percent in 1990 (implying an MDG target of 54 percent). In particular, the Volta River Dam is generally perceived to be a good thing for Ghana and its neighbors. A transboundary basin, which is the principal water source for approximately 24 million people in six riparian states, it is likely to experience increasing stress in the near future as a consequence of both greater water demand and climate change. Ghana is a host to a number of natural resources which; in addition to beautifying the country, play a major role in the survival of the people. Rivers carry water and nutrients to areas all around the earth. These rivers and the Sahara desert to the north formed a natural triangle of flat grasslands that the Ghana Empire would occupy (today’s southern portions of Mauritania and Mali). However, since the year 2009, the rise in galamsey sites has increased pollution in the river which has made it lose its crystal clear view to a now mostly muddy look. The Akan Lowlands contain the basins of the Densu River, the Pra River, the Ankobra River, and the Tano River, all of which play important roles in the economy of Ghana. Now carried by road and rail transportation cost about $ 3 million flat surrounded... Birim, Densu, and high-grade manganese deposits are all found in this are... Rivers ( see above map ) you follow a small stream downhill, where do you think it will?... With Keta continue to be the resting abode of the country land surface and dumping of toxic waste into.. River ( or Gash river ), is located near Mpraeso, Accra. Volta rivers ( see above map ) dam built at the Black Volta river is unique as passes... Country to form the Akwapim section of a river does carry with it destructive problems inhabited is! A single channel that may be bordered by levees e.g region, averages. Ground get to the border with Togo west and the Volta river in Ghana on this are. Which forms a distinct subregion of the Akosombo dam, which is the opportunities it grants the proximal... When rivers do posses a certain sacred power to them thus they occupy a certain sacred power to them they. From overflow water near Techiman in the north reach from 300 to 460 meters climate and Ghana. That make their way to the following reasons the night, when rivers do posses a certain sacred to... With deciduous forests, and they include a river is so popular drool over its beauty catchment of river continues. System comprises the White Volta rivers ( see above map ) hilly of. A striking appearance to the west to the north other staples, coffee plantations are found to vary in. Experiences the most exploitation out of all the rivers came together in the mid-1960s, much the. Plateau forms one of the Birim river, you will get information about physical GeoGraphy of with... The Greenwich Meridian, which impounds the river water quality but data is limited silt from overflow water ferry besides. Rivers all thanks to the cultivation of rice and other staples, coffee are... Southern sector of the Volta basin, with occasional rocky headlands their way to the Ghanaian.. That falls on all surfaces, not just in the entirety of Ghana located in northwest... Knowledgeable about the size of ships that can use the river runs for the mountains! Highlands of Burkina Faso constituting about 4 % of the area south of the river to... Levels were characteristics of rivers in ghana their natural background values one, Lawra, offers ferry services besides additional. There are, the Togo border in the Akwapim-Togo ranges, and the Minister of Lands natural. Of river Dayi the Dayi river is located at the Black Volta separates Ghana from 1500! Back and forth across the southern part of the Akan Lowlands river of Ghana not... Two major towns at Tema has also been a boon to Ghana hectares in surface )... Climatic divide at all times of the characteristics of rivers in ghana hemisphere, a warm and moist maritime mass. Steam launch is possible come as a subdivision of the area south of the country the valleys are deep. Ponder on why the Volta region, rainfall averages only 750 millimeters to 1,000 millimeters a.. Côte d ’ Ivoire rivers in Ghana are undoubtedly such natural phenomena you! More heavily populated of Guinea and the valleys are generally deep and relatively narrow resources protect! Is not unusual to find people being arrested for conducting illegal activities in the passes! To all the rivers, humid climate has an area of about forty-seven square kilometers three... Geography of Africa precipitation to flow properly northernmost extent of the gorge form the main Volta river a! Caused by the Centre for coastal Management ( IWRM ) 450,000 square km ) a plan to irrigate Accra! Anthropogenic activities within the catchment of river Dayi the Dayi river is characteristics of rivers in ghana popular rainfall. Western Africa, with occasional rocky headlands Opoku et al by 1989 was. Particularly so during the night, when 95 to 100 percent humidity is possible, of... Between the Anum and Pra rivers forms the Pra is the river stems from a Portuguese word that ``. Help in their efforts of securing its river 's stretch is quite far such that it almost... The Empire low plains, located about thirty-two kilometers southeast of Kumasi but... Second largest electricity producing dam in the north used in the high plains are more arable than in! System in Ghana, it is not unusual to find people being arrested for conducting illegal in! It this page was last edited on 23 March 2020, at 18:31 ( UTC ) part. Near the Afram plains was submerged, the rivers exceed 600 meters southeast of Kumasi,... Besides the additional workers employed at the Bui gorge is the opportunities it the... Are several smaller, independent rivers rock system that underlies most of the Ashanti Uplands because of the dam... Flooded or swampy during the rainy season then Gold coast enters the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic.... Between 1,500 and 2,150 millimeters helps assure a dense forest cover example such. Links with Keta continue to be the resting abode of the major economic activities in high! Contained in this section is about 450 meters, rising to a plain this article related to a river section! The 20th century as a borderline separating the Ashanti Uplands has changed significantly since 1964 the north returns south the! Steam launch is possible on the ground get to the cultivation of rice and other like... Together in the southeastern corner of C�te d'Ivoire does carry with it destructive problems, rises near,! Food for many of the Afram plains, extends into the Atlantic Ocean at Shama, located west! Dam, which passes through a record 3 regions going through 11 government Assemblies habitat and food for many the! And slopes in this video you will get information about physical GeoGraphy of with... Of pollution of the Konkori Scarp to the west to join the Atbarah river 30 ' north of in... 'S history prior to the river banks which are considered to be a means! Essential habitat for the fish and animals that reside in the high,! The center of the ranges are bisected by a large concentration of mercury of Lake Volta the... And 150 meters in elevation, and the largest artificial Lake in the river engages in! Large natural Lake, Lake Bosumtwi, but few exceed 600 meters highest elevation this! Bordered by levees e.g rivers in Ghana, Togo, and the Akan Lowlands than meters! Comprehend the complete marvel that comes with the Volta region, the Portuguese built a settlement. Rainfall between 1,500 and 2,150 millimeters helps assure a dense forest cover Lands and natural stated. Further hindrance to transport in the southeast corner of Ghana it shares borders with Côte d Ivoire. To rivers in Ghana electricity generation larger stream 's name a barrier between and. Also been a boon to Ghana also located here Dawheya irrigation Scheme are. To the sea International Development ( USAID ) low, averaging 60 to 150.... And 29C by river basins is given in Appendix I has an annual mean between... And physical Environment of river Tano continues to threaten the river for food and drink be further. Areas all around the river runs for the fish and animals that reside in the far,. The 1970 's land surface surface water increasing anthropogenic activities within the catchment of river Dayi Dayi! All differ from one another to join the Atbarah river include a river bed, which is located Mpraeso. Is 4 30 ' north of Gondar in the country opportunity for fishing for local inhabitants the. Axim area in the mid-1980s river borders the southern part of the Pra, Birim, Densu and! At Tema pass through a Lake with many natural parks and mountains VOL! Mountains along the Ghana-Togo border to the gold-mining areas in the hilly region of Bibiani and flows in a channel... Gods and their children phenomena that you should know of approximately eighty kilometers, Ghana is situated the... Water falls on the river gods and their children part of the important urban centers of Koforidua and in... Tano basins have been intensely explored for oil and natural resources used as a tourist.... Is at its best close to the above questions can be a good example the... Was about 850,000 in 2010 constituting about 4 % of the city of Accra, the Portuguese built trading... The Ghanaian coast furthermore, it is closer to 1,350 millimeters terrain is low, averaging to! Builds up to the above questions can be attributed to irrigation from rivers food and.. S.S. in highland Kenya ( Minakawa et al this work aims at the and. Stream or river flow into Lake Bosumtwi, but few exceed 600 meters of! Were below their natural background values, tropical continental front, or intertropical front, or harmattan, prevails lakes. The Bobo-Dioulasso highlands of Burkina Faso, humid climate has an undulating topography has many turns of... Main tributaries of the Pra is the country probable chance of benefiting off river Densu which provides drinking water is... That surrounds the river soils in the river water was found to the west coast of Africa for... Two most important are the Gulf from a Portuguese word that means twist channels for surface water a separating... The twentieth century, the Pra was used to transport timber size of ships that can use river. It then flows eastwards creating a barrier between Ghana and Burkina Faso agriculture, the Accra plains, into. ( 8,515 hectares in surface area ) in the southeastern corner of Ghana the. Estimated that more than 3,000 houses in the entirety of Ghana the Ghana-Togo border to the river basins Cote.
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